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Wildlife Preservation Society of QLD –


Ms Amanda LePeilbet
Phone: (07) 3221 0194
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95 William Street

  • Preserve Australia's flora and fauna of by all lawful means
  • Educate the community in the importance of habitat protection and biodiversity
  • Discourage by all legal means, the possible destruction, exploitation and unnecessary development of any part of the natural environment
  • Encourage rational land use and proper land planning of existing and future development, and the use of the natural environment and its management.

The Intent of Wildlife Preservation Society of QLD:


We are the oldest, largest and most respected wildlife-focused conservation group in the State of Queensland. Founded in 1962 by Judith Wright, Brian Clouston, David Fleay and Kathleen MacArthur, the Society is a community-based, non-profit organisation consisting of 24 branches throughout the State, committed to an ecologically sustainable future for people and wildlife.


    • Wildlife and its habitat:
      The Society practices a 'hands on' approach to conservation: tree planting, fauna and flora surveys, radio tracking, restoring wildlife habitats and protecting remnant rainforest. The Society supports biologists and other researchers in studying threatened species such as bilbies, fig parrots, false water rats and frogs. We also give advice on how to attract wildlife to your backyard, and how to deal with wildlife conflicts in your home or garden.

    • Wildlife and the community:
      The Society consults with local councils, business and representative groups. We provide education for communities, organise field trips, surveys, social events and species monitoring. The Society represents the community's interests at local, state and national levels. We access, influence and consult on statewide legislation, strategies and planning decisions, as well as commenting on national wildlife permits.

    • Protecting the environment:
      Our campaigns cover diverse topics ranging from reduction in vegetation clearing, preserving and restoring endangered mahogany glider and bilby habitats, to arresting the decline of dugong populations. We are also involved in campaigning against dam proposals and sand and oil shale mining projects; and in promoting the environmental importance of national and marine parks.

    Recent Accomplishments of Wildlife Preservation Society of QLD:


    Urban Wildlife Forum 14-16 June 2003
    Bardon Conference Centre Mt Coot-tha,
    Three days with 22 expert speakers discussing a huge diversity of topics. The most significant outcome was the proposed formation of an SEQ Urban Biodiversity Consortium.

    Regional Vegetation Management Plans (RVMP)
    The only conservation organisation to participate on nearly all regional committees. Key aims are biodiversity conservation and prevention of land degradation.

    AND Save the Bilby, False Water Mouse surveys, Preservation of the endangered Mahogany Glider habitat, revegetation (planting) of Glossy Black Cockatoo friendly trees