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Port Broughton Golf Club Inc. –


Mr Col Gigney
Phone: (08) 8635 2359


69 John Lewis Drive

Our organisation is a sporting club aiming to promote the game of golf, increase participation, beautify our golf course, offer the clubhouse and course for use by other community organisations and local functions, address water restrictions, look at implementing alternative water usage and procurement and become involved in obtaining more natural means of operating our club.

The Intent of Port Broughton Golf Club Inc.:

Community events.
Promoting the game of golf.
Providing incentives for attracting new members.
Providing Junior Golf development.
Providing an attractive gof course for local members and visitors.
Beautifying our golf course.
Providing our clubhouse and course for other community bodies and charity groups use.
Providing our club for private citizens, particularly senior citizens, use of amenities.

Recent Accomplishments of Port Broughton Golf Club Inc.:

Conducted a successful State Ladies golf tourament.
Obtaining future State golf events in the forthcoming years.
Using alternative water than mains water for irrigating our course.
Increasing Junior member involvement in the game of golf.