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Mr Daniel Hernandez
Phone: (07) 3800 4577
Fax: (07) 3806 9072
Email: dhernandez@abilitycare.org.au


3 Wineglass Drive

Complete the new aged care & disability centre and develop expanded services from our Hillcrest site.


-          Continue to deliver and explore new models of service delivery to meet the needs of clients and families.

-          Continue to expand the existing services in the target areas to meet the needs of clients in those areas.

-          Develop new accommodation and support services.

-          Provide service support, delivery and training across all services within the organization.

-          Explore long term Disability Accommodation.

-       Continue to develop integrated and holistic services to  meet the needs of clients

-      Develop new and expanded accessibility and transport

        options for clients.

-     Develop a range of community-based and in-home support options for clients to remain in their homes and communities of origin.

-     Increase advocacy services on behalf of clients 

      and families.

-     Increase community participation in the Ageing 

      and Disability Programs.

-     Increase fundraising and donations to assist in

      community participation and client and centre


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