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Ren Education Centre –


Ms Deborah Baulman
Phone: (02) 9894 0187


1 Matthew Place

To provide a safe environment for primary school aged chidren with social/emotional difficulties to develop self esteem through specialised and personal programmes to successfully re-enter the main stream school system, with the tools to cope with the challenges ahead. Our education centre strives to break the cycle of failure and turn negative school experiences faced by our students into positive ones. Ren Education Centre will successfully provide an environment in which poor working habits are broken, disruptive behaviours diminished and negative self images are transformed.

The Intent of Ren Education Centre:

Ren Education Centre will provide a specialised 12 month intervention programme to support children from Kindergarten to Year 6, who have demonstrated significant social, emotional and behavioural problems in their mainstream school.

Ren Education Centre will teach the currentl NSW Board of Studies curriculum in a smaller, more personal environment.

Classes will be limited to a maximum of 8 students to help the teacher to be hands on in the classroom and be supportive with the children.

The programme develops self esteem, resilience and coping strategies and this allows children to successfully re-integrate into the mainstream school system.

Recent Accomplishments of Ren Education Centre:

Ren Education Centre Incorporated has only just begun so that in itself is an achievement.

Ren Education Centre is holding a Charity Fundraising Ball on 15th November 2008 to raise funds.