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Queensland Telugu Association Inc. –


Mr Dasharathi Karamchedu
Phone: 0410 699 329



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Promoting and fostering Telugu history and culture in Queensland and in Australia; 

Preserving the culture of the Telugu people of Australia for the benefit of a diverse Australian society; 

Fostering a society that understands and accepts cultural diversity; 

Enhancing understanding, communication and building relationships between the Australian Telugu community and the wider community within Queensland and Australia; 

Providing opportunities for greater social and economical well being, cultural advancements, independence and social benefits for the Telugu people as well as wider community of Australia thereby enhancing their social well-being. 

The Intent of Queensland Telugu Association Inc.:

Holding community forums/festivals and other cultural activities which encourage debate and discussion on Telugu history and culture. 

Promoting research and publications on Telugu community social welfare issues, by establishing and/or supporting educational institutions and other such facilities (e.g., libraries, lectures and classes) that foster the advancement of Telugu culture within the community; 

Where possible, providing support to the new immigrants/students/visitors of Australia who are not only from Telugu background but also other Indian cultural background to an extent as determined by the Association Board; 

Where possible, providing funding opportunities for the benefit of Queensland Telugu people,and as wider community of Australian, by way of  raising funds including through various fund raising activities, donations, community grants & sponsorships, membership fees collected; 

Promoting the achievements of Telugu people in Queensland and as well as in Australia by way of giving, award prizes, grants, scholarships or advances from the funds of the Association for such courses of instructions as may be determined by the Association Board.

Recent Accomplishments of Queensland Telugu Association Inc.: