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Sierra Leonean Migrant Association Of Tasmania – The Sierra Leone migrant Association of tasmania


Mr John Quee Nyagua
Phone: (03) 6332 2216
Fax: (03) 6334 2660


39 chestnut Road

    • To ensure unity between all sierra leonean migrants in Tasmania and to encourage intregration of our community in to the Tasmania communities.

    • To contribute to the development of Tasmania and Australai by actively participationg in the social, ploilicat and economic activities.


      • To share our cultural heritages with all other cultures in tasmania and Australai.

      The Intent of Sierra Leonean Migrant Association Of Tasmania:

        • Mediation and conflict resolution between community members ( families)

        • Provide assistance to newly arrived refugees and migrants

        • Provide support to other migrants who are not from Sierra Leone

        Recent Accomplishments of Sierra Leonean Migrant Association Of Tasmania:

          • Incooperation of our Association

          • Organisation of community activities such as Christmas party, youth's soccer and sporting activities.

          celebration of our country's independent