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Architectural Glass Design Australia Inc. –


Ms Donna Cooper
Phone: (03) 9521 0525


P O Box 346

To protect and promote the stained glass, leadlight and kiln formed glass (i.e. Architectural Glass) industry.

To ensure the skills required to ensure the conservation of our stained glass heritage are not lost.

To support young artists in the industry.

The Intent of Architectural Glass Design Australia Inc.:

AGDA informs industry members and the public about architectural glass; promotes the industry; acts on behalf of the sector when dealing with Government and other bodies; supports the formal training provider in this field; offers information and advice to members; encourages its members to adopt professional practices and attitudes; and does all it can to promote the areas of stained glass, leadlight and kiln formed glass.

Recent Accomplishments of Architectural Glass Design Australia Inc.:

* Protecting the viability of the architecural glass sector by dealing with Standards Australia and proposed changes to the AS1288 Glass and Glazing standard which threatened to adopt changes which had the potential to decimate this industry. An outcome was achieved which protected the industry.

* The setting up of a website to present information to the public and to keep our members informed of regulations and information they need on Standards, OH & S, building regulations etc.

* The organisation of an exhibition of contemporary architectural glass to be held in October 2009.