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Domestic Violence Resource Service Mackay –


Ms Jude Marshall
Phone: (07) 4957 3888
Fax: (07) 4957 3984
Email: dvmanager@bigpond.com


P.O. Box 519

Mission:  DVRS (Mackay & Region) Inc is a community based organization committed to the rights of all women and children to live free from all forms of violence and abuse. Our response is informed by the principles of empowerment and social justice

The Intent of Domestic Violence Resource Service Mackay:

    • Counselling and support for women and children

    • Court Assistance

    • Community Development eg.: Education

    • Support Group

    • Referrals

    Recent Accomplishments of Domestic Violence Resource Service Mackay:

      • Successful march for Domestic Violence Month

      • A support group for Women

      •  Award winning -  "Mackay District Police in Partnership with Mackay Domestic Violence Resource Service" training package on: Attending Incidents and DV dynamics, Legislation, Police Powers and Responsibilities, Family Law in relation to DV applications, Primary Aggressor, Effects on Women and Children