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1111 Community – Vic


Mr Andrew Scott
Phone: 0458 639 009


POBox 777

As a tribute to the centuries-long tenure of the original 1,111 tradition, and in the spirit of the significant events that have occurred on the date 11/11, we have retained the customary 11:11 prompts. The 1111 community has developed a committee and structure for the purposes of project development and management of events, media production and creating an interactive visual arts and performance space, touring it throughout Australia, and promoting it worldwide.

The Intent of 1111 Community:

Recent Accomplishments of 1111 Community:

Activities of the 1111 Community range from Melbourne to Cairns and many locations
in between. Most recent Achievement: Melbourne with Centrlink approved Volunteers and recently a work for dole program. Cairns Queensland to secure artists residency for dozen of local Artists
and traveling Artists to providing a range of spaces for people inc unemployed (and homeless) also with locations in country Victoria. Providing a pressure free space and living structure focused on wellbeing and life outcomes.

We encourage and offer an alternative for a sustainable lifestyle with a focus on wellbeing of theself and the environment.

The 1111 festivals and event management of several large events ( often going into the thousands in attendance)  and inc the Earthdace and Confest.and 11/11 and 2012 Festival, planned every year until 2012 Cairns.

Secured Sites

Mostly Cairns QLD and Gippsland Victoria
ie Digger St, Jumbuk Park an Outtrim Farm and 4 other central vic remote privately owned share properties, and a few small (East) coastal locations.