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Cosmos Healthcare Inc –


Ms Tracey Murfit
Phone: (08) 9354 1035
Fax: (08) 9367 7288


PO Box 8161

Cosmos HealthCare is a Christian health and development organisation.


We value people and their right to be treated with dignity and equality regardless of their social status, race, religion or politics.


Our aim is to provide quality, compassionate health services for underprivileged people across the world.


We are committed to providing the best quality health care within our given resources. 


This is done in two ways. 

    • Firstly, we send short-term teams to provide focused medical services to a needy area or group of people. 

      • Secondly, we believe strongly in supporting holistic community-based health services, run by indigenous staff.  These services are needs based often providing health education, water supply, sanitation, primary health care and spiritual care.  Wherever possible we strive to make our services self-sustaining and empowering. We build partnerships with our target communities inorder to develop a sense of ownership.

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