Indigenous Directory

Mingaletta Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island Corporation – Central Coast


Ms Dianne O'Brien
Phone: (02) 4342 7515


6 Sydney Avenue

To enhance the quality of life of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families by creating life opportunities, and through developing meaningful relationships with service providers supporting successful referral, advocacy and support

The Intent of Mingaletta Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island Corporation:

  • Provide information or advice about available resources and services
  • Promote and protect land and culture
  • Ensure that decision making is undertaken in a way that is culturally inclusive for Indigenous people
  • Assist people find their independence through self-empowerment
  • Refer Aboriginal people business who can assist
  • Work closely with Aboriginal Services or Organisations to address issues
  • Provide to the non-Aboriginal community knowledge of Aboriginal customs, culture and rights

Recent Accomplishments of Mingaletta Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island Corporation:

We have installed programs and projects to cater for all of our community excample,

  • Providing a facilitator for 0 - 5 years early childhood preventions
  • Literacy and Numeracy programs for youth and adult age students
  • Womens and elders craft and art groups
  • Mentoring services for all ages
  • Services providing helping central coast people with health and better lifestyles for all ages through a number of mainstream services by immunisation for babies and assistance with chronic health for our elders.
  • Supporting families to raise children, Aboriginal child, youth and family strategy.
  • Surfing and fishing workshops for our youth in conjuction with local governments and developing positive relationships with other organisations and buisness within our community.
  • Culture awareness training through programs developed through our community and our elders.