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Survivors of Clergy Abuse Australia –


Ms Nikki Wells


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Survivors of Clergy Abuse Australia (SCAA)  is the national body created to support survivors of clergy abuse, and their family and friends.  Our aim is simple.  Provide a safe place where survivors know they will be supported on their journey for justice.  Survivors of Clergy Abuse is run for survivors by survivors.

For decades, victims have been coming forward to churches around the country with their complaints of abuse.  Children have been abused by clergy, vulnerable adults who have gone to the church in good faith have been taken advantage of - there are countless scenarios of how members of churches around Australia have used their position of power and trust to groom, intimidate, and sexually and emotionally take advantage of boys, girls, women and men who have trusted them.  There are many victims out there who today still hide their secret from the world, and there are those who choose to confront their demons and tackle them and the church head on.

SCAA offers survivors and their families information on what to do with their abuse complaint, recovery workshops, advocacy and support throughout the investigation process, referrals to ASCA trained health professionals and more.

The Intent of Survivors of Clergy Abuse Australia:

* Survivor/family support

* Health professional referrals

* Survivor Advocacy

* Survivor introductions

* Annual conference

* Weekly e-magazine

* Informative website

* Political lobbying

Recent Accomplishments of Survivors of Clergy Abuse Australia:

* Supporting survivors and providing someone to listen, someone to go along to make a police statement, referrals to health professionals and more

*Sexual Assault Summit - hosted in Sydney 13/14 November