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Westernport Speaking Out Inc. –


Ms Shona White
Phone: (03) 9770 1710
Email: wpso.shona@bigpond.com


12 D Beach St

Westernport Speaking Out Inc. (WPSO) aim to empower people to speak out, make choices and take an active role in decidions that affect their lives.

to promote the rights of people with an intellectual disabilty so they can live in the community and be treated with dignity and respect.

The Intent of Westernport Speaking Out Inc.:

WPSO deliver skills development sessions for adults with  intelectual disabilty/learning difficulty  to acess the internet. These sessions are conducted by peer educators through using the State Wide "My Connected Community" pogram and the National "BroadBand for Seniors" program.

 WPSO   is currently developing strategies to address the unmet need of accessible information for adultls with intellectual disabilt/ learning difficulty.

Recent Accomplishments of Westernport Speaking Out Inc.:

WPSO have implemented community development strategies to address systemic issues people with intellectual disabilty frequently experience.