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2+5 Inc. – Food SKil Inc


Ms Katharine Drummond-Gillett
Phone: (03) 5278 9292
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Shop 13
Labuan Square

To imporve access to affordable, sustainable, fresh and healthy food.


Food Skil will become a Food Cluster comprising of a Biodynamic Market Garden, Community Orchard and retail outlets.  It will be run as a social enterprise.




Food Skil will operate in 2 areas;


·         Production via an biodynamic market garden and community orchard


·         Wholesale and Retail  sales outlets, including


o   Shops in areas without access to fruit and vegetables, one of these will encompass processing, storage and distribution


o   Fruit and vegetable stands in schools and neighbourhood houses


We will provide employment, training and support for marginalised groups and at the same time fill the gap in services  by improving access to fresh and affordable fruit and vegetables.



The Intent of 2+5 Inc.:

Recent Accomplishments of 2+5 Inc.:

Food Skil has been in existence for 1 year. We have achieved a great deal in this short time and have turned many of the negative assumptions around food security in Corio and Norlane around. Food Skil’s first major area, ‘food supply’ is already well under way. We already have;


·         A weekly market at Cloverdale Community Centre run by a market manager (who also works one day a week in the shop and does our finances)


·         A Fruit and Vegetable shop in Labuan Sq, Norlane. This shop is supplied with fruit and vegetables bought from a local wholesaler, donated produce as well as produce bought from local backyard growers


·         An extremely profitable weekly jam group, run by three volunteers. The group meet on a Friday afternoon to turn donated fruit or veg into jams and chutneys, we then in turn can sell in our 2&5 Fresh Food outlets.




Food Swaps in Corio and Norlane.  Food Skil grew from these and this has built the community’s capacity for the project.


·         2&5 Fresh Food market stands at two primary schools, once a week run by a paid member of staff and volunteers. This will be subsidised by Best Start, an initiative by DEECD.


·         We are also currently in discussion with the City of Greater Geelong to run 2&5 Fresh Food market stands in Central Geelong, providing fruit to Students and workers.