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St Kilda Community Gardens Club –


125 Hotham Street

St Kilda Community Gardens Club provides a facility to allow local residents to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables, and encourages members to work as a group to maintain and improve the facility.

The Intent of St Kilda Community Gardens Club:

The Club provides members with individual garden plots and access to a pool of shared gardening tools and equipment.

Communal facilities include a herb garden, citrus grove and composting bins. Almost all garden waste produced on site is composted and then recycled to members’ plots.

The Club encourages sharing of gardening expertise through informal exchanges and participation in special-interest groups (e.g. composting).

The Club provides for social interchange between members by holding regular working bees which conclude with a barbeque meal.

Recent Accomplishments of St Kilda Community Gardens Club:

With the help of a grant from the City of Port Phillip, the Club has recently upgraded its facilities, including the installation of a mains electricity supply and outdoor garden furniture for social functions.

The recent formation of a Composting Special Interest Group has resulted in improved composting practices, yielding large quantities of high quality compost for the benefit of all members.