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Ms Hannah Schwartz
Phone: 0417 380 734


Lvl 1/160 Johnson St

We're trying bridge the gap between traditional grassroot methods of growing food and city planning policies.

Sometimes, when people want to start to grow food, it can be hard to find a site or know who to talk to for access or planning approval. We have noticed a lot of empty and underutilised land across Melbourne and beyond. We are helping to connect people who want to grow food, with land, with other people, and also with the right people in local government, to make sure everyone can work together.

Our website provides a map of actual and potential places to grow food. A team including representatives from local government review potential sites and help make suitable land easier to find.

We provide ways for people to get in touch and organise around their plot, as well as resources to help get started and make connections with land owners, local councils, and a whole range of resources.

The Intent of 3000acres:

    • Looking to start or join a food growing community? Use our site to find one near you and get involved. You might also like to subscribe to our newsletter or Facebook and keep an eye out for upcoming events.

    • Got skills or connections? If you work in a related field, or for an organisation that wants to get involved with the project -- for instance if you manage vacant land or work in a relevant area of local government -- and would like to get involved, drop us a line at

    • Help build our software. 3000 Acres is open source, which means anyone can participate in developing the software that runs the site, or indeed make their own version of 3000 Acres in another city, for free. Check out our source code or join our project mailing list.

    Recent Accomplishments of 3000acres:

    We have established our first test garden in Smith Street Fitzroy. This garden has not only become a fresh food hub in the inner-city and a place for local residents to meet and share skills, but also a testing ground for us to explore the barriers to setting up urban agriculture. 

    We also have our website up and running.