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L2R Next Gen Inc.


Ms Jacinda Richards
Phone: 0417 101 514


Visy Cares Hub
80B Harvester Road

Postal Address

225 Gordon Street

L2R provides opportunity for youth to participate in free dance workshops that would usually struggle to access regular recreation classes due to barriers associated with poverty, disadvantage and being newly arrived in a foreign country.

L2R wants youth who share a passion for dance, specifically the ‘we-ness’ that Hip Hop dance encompasses, the opportunity to experience the empowering facets which dance possess, regardless of their age, race, gender, culture, religions or economic status. Dance can give youth a sense of joy and social connection, which filters into other parts of their life increasing positive pathways, health and well-being.

L2R believes the collective group activity of dance creates opportunity for self-exploration through an artistic voice, a sense of achievement, social connection and belonging. The global youth culture of Hip Hop and more specifically Hip Hop dance is an important way to engage young people with the potential to provide a vehicle for advocacy and a means for young people to gain an understanding of self and the world in which they live.

L2R believes there is one language we can all speak.. DANCE

The Intent of L2R Next Gen Inc.:

L2R Next Gen Inc. (L2R) is a grass roots Not For Profit cultural organisation based in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. L2R employs dance as a vehicle to engage youth from culturally diverse backgrounds, more specifically, newly arrived, migrant and refugees.

Dance can offer alternative ways of expressing oneself when dealing with the barriers of being newly arrived in a foreign country. Dance has the potential to give the body a voice through emotional offering and physical pleasure. In the right circumstances such as, a safe and nurturing environment that L2R provides. Dance can also promote or allow a certain kind of physical and emotional generosity, a willingness to show oneself through real, intimate and personal exchanges.
Please vist for updates on current community projects.

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