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107 Projects Inc


Mr Dario Phillips


107 Redfern Street

107 Projects Inc. identifies and enhances underutilised space to develop a vibrant, healthy and inclusive community that encourages and increases accessibility for all members of the community to participate in creative, social, cultural and educational services. 107 Projects promotes, plans, presents and accommodates a broad range of arts and community cultural development activities. Based on a philosophy of shared contribution and shared benefit, 107 Projects connect creativity, community and business, to create a dynamic collaborative mix that generates a place for communities to connect, converse and live creatively.

The Intent of 107 Projects Inc:

107 Projects facilitates creative and community focused services year-round which improves accessibility and affordability for artists and audiences to participate in creative and cultural experiences. Our creative hub facilities include exhibition spaces for visual arts, live music, theatre and performance, workshop spaces, artist-in-residence studios, a wood-working workshop, cafe and bar, open plan office space for 14 resident organisations, a rooftop permaculture garden, a conference room and a sound-mixing studio.

We plan and facilitate creative and community programs, curate satellite events, form collaborative partnerships and offer venue-for-hire services.

Recent Accomplishments of 107 Projects Inc:

Since opening in 2012 to August 2015, our creative cultural hub, 107 Projects, at 107 Redfern St, Redfern, has supported 6000+ artists, welcomed 51,000+ visitors, and facilitated 800+ initiatives.

We are nearing the final stage of development of our facilities, which have transformed from an empty two-storey warehouse, to a vibrant multipurpose arts and community space.

Launched a new curated program, titled 107 Presents, which provides extra support for artists and animates Redfern with creative and community events.