Disability Directory

Ability Assist WA Inc.


Ms Terri Phillips
Phone: (08) 9274 1752
Email: admin@abilityassist.org
Website: abilityassist.org


39 Helena Street

Postal Address

PO Box 3594

We deliver reliable, responsive services tailored to maximise each individual’s abilities and opportunities

The Intent of Ability Assist WA Inc.:

We a newly developed organisation by a team of passionate individuals that wanted to see authentic self-directed services, one that can respond to the express needs and wishes of people with a disability and/or their families and representatives. As a young unique service we have been founded on applying the self-directed approach so that people can achieve greater choice, flexibility and control ensuring that the service user and their families are at the heart of the planning and decision making process and have the power to choose what is best for them. We offer a complete choice of how, when and where you spend your time â€Â" the sky is the limit.