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Tallaganda Dance Troupe –


Ms Erika Mordek
Phone: 02 48464061


Foxhill Araluen Rd
Bell's Creek via

To bridge cultural gap between australian and other ethnic culture by providing entertaining performances of  different styles of folk and middle eastern dancing to a wide ranging audience.

The Intent of Tallaganda Dance Troupe:

We area dance group in rural Australia. We provide free classes in folk dancing and middle eastern dancing to women who have no access to the dance classes offered in larger centres. We also organise workshops in Braidwood with professional teachers from Canberra and the South Coast. We are highly involved in fundraising activities for our local community where we perform gratis for events such as Heritage Day Festival, Daffodil Fair, Major Braidwood Pre-School fundraisers, and the Major's Creek Music Festival. We also support Mabooba Cina through herefforts with the Afghan Children's Appeal as seen on the 7.30 report.

Recent Accomplishments of Tallaganda Dance Troupe:

We have been asked to look after the dance display programme of the Major's Creek Music festival. After our highly successful bedouin tent and dance display at last year's festival, we now aim to provide the audiences this year with a variety of interesting and innovative dancce groups.