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Yarra Valley Host Network –


Ms Kath Holton
Phone: 03 5962 1533
Fax: 5957 1899


237 Maroondah H'way

To work with local businesses, educational providers, industry associations and local government to develop service training specifically suited to the Yarra Valley, with an emphasis on local knowledge, customer service skills, communication skills, pride in community and growth through effective cross promotion in order to facilitate economic growth and hence more employement options, especially for youth in the region.

The Intent of Yarra Valley Host Network:

Three workshop sessions and three study tours of the Yarra Valley. Available to all who live & work in the Yarra Valley.
Work with schools and businesses to introduce Yarra Valley Host training to students.
Build a Network of businesses; schools and community to develop effective cross promotion strategies.
Hold an annual Conference to promote the concept of community building, motivate the community and keep fresh ideas coming into the Valley

Recent Accomplishments of Yarra Valley Host Network:

Yarra Valley Host training in local High School over 150 students have participated in the program.
Have a Network of approx 60 committed people/businesses to develop cross promotion plans.
Developed partnerships with leading industry groups, Swinburne University, local media and the Shire.
Held highly successful study tours and workshops with exceptional facilitators eg Peter Kenyon