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Pyrenees Petanque Club Inc. –


Mr Tony Bruce
Phone: (03)5465 3731
Fax: (03)5465 3597


122 High Street

To promote the recreational sport of Petanque
To enhance visitation to the Pyrenees Region by the promotion of Petanque throughout Australia and beyond.
To introduce the sport to the young, the elderly and the disabled.

The Intent of Pyrenees Petanque Club Inc.:

The Pyrenees Petanque Club sees its role as:-
Administering the sport in the Pyrenees Region.
Making Petanque synomymous with the Pyrenees Region.
To encourage children, novices, disabled, elderly and professional participation in a widely acceptable activity which is universally assessible.

Recent Accomplishments of Pyrenees Petanque Club Inc.:

Since its formation in 1995 the Club has:-
Grown from 0 to 50 members making it one of the largest in Victoria if not Australia.
Run an annual Tournament which now attracts 350 players from around Australia and New Zealand.