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About the Grants in Australia research study

Grants in Australia 2017 report

The Grants in Australia research study is the largest survey of Australian community organisations and not-for-profits for their views on grants and grantmakers.

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Released in late July 2017, this is the ninth such report, a resource for Australian grantmakers and grantseekers produced more or less annually since 2006.

Examine the links below for detailed findings from the 2017 study.

Full report + takeaways + NFP benchmarking tool | Report summaries | | Grants survey a wake-up call for NFPs

An output of Our Community's Innovation Lab, the report is part of an ongoing research project that charts the development of the field of grantmaking in Australia from the grantseeking community's perspective.

Results are drawn from a survey of not-for-profit groups across Australia who are invited to share their experiences of grantseeking, as well as their interactions with grantmakers and grantmaking systems.

The survey is the biggest of its type in Australia and informs the work of Our Community and its enterprises (most notably the Australian Institute of Grants Management (AIGM) and the Funding Centre), as well
as provide important data and key reference points for Australian grantmakers and grantseekers, academics, social sector enablers, and others interested in the field.

A total of 1227 people completed the latest survey, conducted online from November 2016 to February 2017. Only grantseekers who had applied for a grant in the past 12 months were eligible to complete the survey.

Below are links to previous Grants in Australia reports, and The Story So Far - our major report outlining findings from the first eight studies.

Grants in Australia survey 2017

Our revamped 2017 study, employed a series of new methods to interrogate our data. DOWNLOAD 2017 report (PDF)
Grants in Australia survey story so far

The Story So Far outlined the findings and recurring themes from the first eight years of surveys. DOWNLOAD Story So Far (PDF)
Grants in Australia 2015 survey

The 2015 survey was the biggest we'd staged, drawing 1350 responses from across the country. DOWNLOAD 2015 report (PDF)
Grants in Australia 2013-14 survey

The main theme of the 2013-14 study examined the streamlining of grant application and reporting. DOWNLOAD 2013 report (PDF)
Grants in Australia 2012 survey

Communication, evaluation, relationships and applications were among themes of the 2012 study.

DOWNLOAD 2012 report (PDF)
Grants in Australia 2011 survey

This report was updated in 2016 and covered issues including online applications and red tape.
DOWNLOAD 2011 report
Grants in Australia 2010 survey

This report, in the wake of the economic downturn, sought views about the impact.
DOWNLOAD 2010 report
Grants in Australia 2009 survey

Feedback from earlier studies prompted the 2009 survey to focus on grantmakers' communication.
DOWNLOAD 2009 report
Grants in Australia 2008 survey

In our 2008 study, technology was growing rapidly as a critical part of the grantmaking toolkit.
DOWNLOAD 2008 report
Grants in Australia 2007 survey

Grantseekers nominated bouquets and "bugbears" about grantmakers in the 2007 study.
DOWNLOAD 2007 report
Grants in Australia survey 2006

The first of the series began our continuing survey, and now the most widely recognised grantmaking study in Australia. DOWNLOAD 2006 report (PDF)


Grants in Australia 2017 report