Rafiki Mwema Incorporated


Role: Secretary Type: Not-for-Profit & Community Organisations Location: New South Wales, Ballina Shire Council
Unknown or not classified
Annual Budget: Not Supplied
Number of Paid Staff: 1 - 3
Number of Volunteers: 21-100
Current Board Size: 4-7
Board Meetings (frequency): monthly
Board Meetings Held: At Night

Area of Expertise Being Sought:
Governance, Company Secretary/Governance

Board Meetings (Mode):

Females, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander, English as an additional language or dialect

Reimbursement of expenses

Any further information about this vacancy:

We have an immediate vacancy available on our Board for the volunteer position of Secretary. Generally as a Board member, you will be required to adopt a strategic role contributing to the collective decision making of the Board, to understand Rafiki Mwema as a not-for-profit and for what we offer, how we operate and to oversee our operations and performance. It is a given that you will be an active member, providing advice and opinion to make informed decisions as a collective group. The Board meet monthly online, to review and manage the organisation. We have both national and international Board members and utilise a number of messaging programs to facilitate consistent communication and manage events.As Secretary, your responsibilities include but are not limited to:
• coordinate Board meetings: arrange venue, prepare agenda (in conjunction with the Chair) and papers for distribution in advance of each meeting, take minutes and circulate to Board members,
• understand and adhere to notice periods for meetings, resolutions etc,
• coordinate General meetings: organise and notify members in advance, take minutes at and circulate to members of the organisation,
• serve as required on the Board between Board meetings and Board committees,
• maintain registers (members, responsible persons, etc) and follow procedures for general and Board member approval, discipline, suspension, expulsion and cessation,
• receive nominations for positions on the Board,
• maintain and/or make available to members as requested all books, documents and securities,
• liaise with relevant regulators (ACNC/NSW Fair Trading),
• personally carry out administrative duties assigned by the Chair,
• promote the organisation in the community as opportunities arise, and
• serve (as nominated by the Board) in negotiation with other organisations.

Overall this position will be required to facilitate communication between Board members and provide one on one support to our wonderful Chair who is extremely supportive and a dream to work with but is in need of an ‘admin guru’ to help take our meetings and work to the next level! In conjunction with the Chair, you will also be working closely with our CEO who is another amazing woman leading us and Rafiki’s children on the path to a better world!

This position is ready for someone with passion, dedication, attention to detail and willingness to make this their own with plenty of room to grow with the right person.
Rafiki Mwema encourages and nurtures diversity and inclusion and welcome applications from applicants who identify as Aboriginal,Torres Strait Islander, women and those from a diverse background or life experience. We would like to thank all applicants in advance for taking the time to express interest in this role. Should the right candidate be found prior to the closing date, they will be placed in this role immediately and the EOI will close.

Selection Criteria

• Strong organisational skills;
• Excellent written and oral communication skills;
• Proven ability to work independently and to meet deadlines;
• Ability to commit a minimum of 12 hrs/month, extra as required;
• Board, Secretarial, NFP or child protection experience desirable;
• Located within Australia.

Please complete the following application on our website https://rafikimwema.com/get-involved/application-for-volunteer/ 

About Us

Rafiki Mwema means 'Loyal Friend' (in Swahili) and that is what we are to these young girls and boys.

We provide safe houses and therapeutic support for 70 young girls and boys at present, in Kenya that have experienced severe trauma, some as young as two years old. Our children live as one 'Rafiki family', but in separate houses. They are therapeutically parented receiving regular therapy as individuals and in groups and supported to have safe contact with their families. Above all they are loved.
We also support 130 children through our Outreach Program who have been placed back into safe homes with family members, until they are 18 years old.

Our vision at Rafiki Mwema is that through the repair of the physical and psychological damage inflicted on them, we can support our children to become emotionally connected, caring and empowered young people and adolescents and support our future men to break the cycle of abuse by becoming safe, loving, kind partners, fathers and uncles who respect our empowered young women.
We work with our children’s families, the communities, schools, churches, villages, and government officials with the aim to break this cycle of abuse and let children live as children should.
We know that working with the girls is dealing with the outcome and not the initial problem, which lead us to meeting some of the local street boys in Kenya and our first boys project in 2018. We now have two houses where we therapeutically support boys who have survived the horrors of living alone on the streets, some from the tender age of five years old, without support, and we know that without intervention and proper therapeutic care, they could go on to continue this cycle of abuse.
At Rafiki Mwema we work with our boys and educate them to respect themselves and others. We give them the values to become safe brothers, husbands, uncles and fathers.

Some of our achievements include:
• the installation of two video links in local courts in Kenya (the first in Kenya EVER! They provide protection for our children who have to sit meters away from their perpetrators in court);
• a farm for our growing family where we grow our own crops to feed all the houses, sell at the market and take crops to the outreach families who live in extreme poverty;
• building "Queens Castle" (girls' house) and "Kings Castle"(boys' house);
• building Rafiki Jasiri - a school on our farm for our smallest girls who are in too much danger to leave our farm to attend school due to current court proceedings;
• delivering hundreds of hours of training in Kenya, the U.K and Australia; and
• the launching of two new programs:
o Rafiki Social (BREAK THE CYCLE. BUILD THE FUTURE) to help our children who leave us or graduate, move into life as an adult back into their communities; and
o Rafiki Feeding Program where we currently provide one meal each day and valuable human connection through games.

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