Bee Kind Always Limited

Role: Secretary, General Board Member Type: Not-for-Profit & Community Organisations Location: New South Wales, Gosford City Council
Economic development Human services Community development Health
Annual Budget: up to $10,000
Number of Paid Staff: 0
Number of Volunteers: 5 or fewer
Current Board Size: 3 or fewer
Board Meetings (frequency): every two months
Board Meetings Held: At Night

Area of Expertise Being Sought:
Fundraising, Human Resources, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Marketing / Branding, Media / Communications / Public Relations, Program & Project Management, Risk Management, Strategy (Strategic / Succession Planning)

Board Meetings (Mode):

Females, Youth/Students, People with Disabilities, Seniors/Retired People, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander, English as an additional language or dialect, LGBTQI

Nil - honorary role

Any further information about this vacancy:

Bee Kind Always - relocatable crisis accomodation - support community/connections

Bee Kind Always Director Membership link

If you are passionate about social change and helping those in need, Bee Kind Always have an amazing concept and it's ready to launch.  

Bee Kind Always plan is to create emergency relocatable housing for people in crisis situations. Bee Kind Always primary goal is larger with a stronger focus on community and professional support to ensure a safe integration into living independently.


Duty Statement: Bee Kind Always’ charitable object is to advance social welfare, relieve the suffering of vulnerable people, through the provision of short-term emergency accommodation at Community Care Spaces across Australia. Immediate support and referral services ensure a safe integration into living independently in a community setting. Bee Kind Always is a registered Australian charity with status allowing tax deductible donations. Bee Kind Always is also endorsed by the Australian regulatory body as an organisation which provides benevolent relief.

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