Leadership Courses

Some people are born leaders. Others learn on the job or have the good fortune to have a mentor who can share advice, expertise and knowledge of the best options in overcoming the many challenges.

Increasingly, courses and programs have sprung up as people look to improve their leadership skills and pick up new ones while learning how other leaders have tackled similar challenges.

Not every leader has undertaken a course, nor is it necessary to undertake a leadership course to become a great leader. But for many people, a formal setting can help to clearly identify their strengths and weaknesses as a leader, to develop the skills required to lead in a moral, ethical and fair manner, to increase their awareness of the various challenges and to do so with other people facing similar challenges.

To assist aspiring community leaders to identify a leadership course or program most suitable to them, we have compiled a comprehensive listing of Australian leadership courses. Click the links below to download the listing for your state.

If you spot any out-of-date information, or have suggestions for new additions, please let us know - email service@ourcommunity.com.au.

This listing was last updated in February 2017.

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