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Media Contacts Listing:

Click on your State or Territory below to download contact details for many of the newspapers, radio and television stations operating in your area.

  • ACT (Excel 20KB)
  • NSW (Excel 213KB)
  • NT (Excel 69KB)
  • QLD (Excel 125KB)
  • SA (Excel 104KB)
  • TAS (Excel 18KB)
  • VIC (Excel 49KB)
  • WA (Excel 109KB)

*REMEMBER - it is not just the media outlets in your geographic area you need to target. Look at also targeting all those specialist media outlets that cover your area of interest - multicultural media, disability media, etc.

If you spot any out-of-date information, or have suggestions for new additions, please let us know - email

This listing was last updated in September 2018.

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