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Reasons why you Should Expand your Contact List

There are all sorts of methods your community group or organisation can use to expand a direct mail list.

Many of these are detailed in the help sheet Ways to Expand your List, available at the Media & Marketing Centre of the Our Community website.

But why should your group work hard to expand its database?

Expanding your list means…

More Contacts

The first and most obvious benefit of expanding your list is that you can make contact with more people.
  • Members.
  • Donors.
  • Volunteers.
  • Fundraisers.
  • Attendees at your special events.
  • Supporters.
  • Corporate supporters.

Greater reach in the community

Expanding your database can lead to increased 'reach' or penetration of your group into the community. Each time you communicate you are expanding the number of people who are hearing about your achievements and your future plans.

More influence in the community

More people knowing about your group through a direct relationship with you or indirectly through reputation means you have more influence in the community by:
  • Heightening the level of public visibility and awareness of your group.
  • Strengthening numbers and therefore increasing the number of people who are prepared to volunteer, donate, support and promote your group.
  • Increasing your capacity to influence and encourage people to lobby for your cause, bring pressure to bear, sign petitions, write to politicians or attend rallies.
Ability to get things done

With increased 'people-power' generated through having more members, volunteers, donors and supporters on your database comes the ability to get things done or have tasks completed more quickly. You also expand the number of people from which you can draw active members and Board members.

Greater chance at future growth and health

Once your group has started growing its database or contact list, it can have a snowballing effect, with:
  • New members attracting even more members through their friends, families and workmates.
  • A vibrant and healthy organisation that is attractive to people looking to join or help out.
Ongoing and new income streams

Importantly, expanding your list can have a positive impact on your group's ability to attract donations and raise funds:
  • More people know about who you are, what you stand for, and how and where they can donate.
  • You are better able to weather any downturn in donations due to your larger donor base.
  • Once you have a new group of donors you can work on that group to increase their support or to support particular projects or activities.
  • You have an increased database to market into for:
    • Special events
    • Membership
    • Bequests and wills
    • Christmas or special event giving
    • Monthly deductions or direct debit donations
    • Merchandise such as clothing, pens, bags, books etc.

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