Links to Other Templates and Template Sites

The Marketing, Media and Post Centre has compiled a list of websites featuring free templates to download.

These include templates to help your group produce professional looking brochures, newsletters, flyers, letters, envelopes, postcards and booklets.

Some of the downloads featured on these sites are only suitable for use with certain software, so we recommend you check and make sure you can use these templates with your computer software before you download.

This section of the HP site has a large number of downloadable templates suitable for use in Microsoft Word.

Among the templates available for free download at the site are:
    • Brochures and flyers.
    • Letterheads.
    • Labels for postage, and
    • Postcards.
Also there is a section where entire sets of design templates can be downloaded so your group's communications are consistent.

The US Microsoft Office site has its own templates section, with a wide range of free, downloadable templates covering all sorts of items.

Under the "Marketing" heading, there is a number of good quality templates to help your group create:
    • Brochures and booklets.
    • Newsletters.
    • Flyers and posters.
Other templates in the marketing section cover customer surveys, marketing plans and public relations tools.

    • Brochures.
    • Flyers.
    • Postcards.
    • Business cards and.
    • CD booklets and imprints.

The templates can be downloaded for free in zipped files – which can be extracted by using WinZip. They include templates for:
    • Brochures.
    • Newsletters.
    • Letters and letterheads.
    • Envelopes and.
    • Postcards.
Note: Downloads from the Template Paradise site need to be unzipped using WinZip. A trial version of WinZip can be downloaded for free by going to the WinZip home page at

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