This is a full list of the help sheets currently available to help your group in its marketing efforts, and its relationships with the media.

Through the Marketing, Media and Post Centre, Our Community and Australia Post provide community groups with the resources and tools to spread their message to an ever-growing audience.

The centre helps groups to develop strong and consistent messages, effectively communicate those messages, build media support and coverage, and increase groups' chances to attract new members and grow support.

Section 1 - Images, Ideas and Layouts

Section 2 - Marketing Your Group

Section 3 - Marketing by Mail
Planning Direct Mail Creating Direct Mail Printing Direct Mail

Posting Direct Mail

Section 4 - Mailing and Database Management

Customer Relationship Management

Creating Lists

Buying Lists

Expanding Lists

Updating, Maintaining and Managing lists

Section 5 - Preparing a Winning Media Strategy
Tips for Media Interviews

Section 6 - Media Contacts

Our Community's index of media contact details in each State and Territory of Australia

Section 7 - Research

Section 8 - Top Tips

Section 9 - Marketing Tools

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