Templates - Instructions

How to select a template:

Decide on the template you want to use and open it in your preferred software.

Creating your direct mail from the template:

You can follow the full layout guideline as shown or resize the image areas and text areas to suit your needs.

Adding and Editing Text:

Click on the text area you want to edit and simply type in your text using the overwrite functions. You can change the color, font type and font size to suit your needs.

Adding and Editing Images and Pictures:

Delete the picture from the sample and insert the picture you want to use from your saved file or clipart. You can move, enlarge and create your own pictures to suit your needs.

To extend your picture to the side of a page or send it behind your text, select the text wrap function from your application toolbar and click on 'send behind text'.

Save your creative masterpiece

Don't forget to save your changes by either clicking on the right mouse button to "save as" to keep the template on your system or simply select save from the menu bar.

Printing your mail piece:

Take your image file and your mailing list to Australia Post's EasyMail or your local printer. Save time by asking your local printer if they can receive your file electronically.

Mail merge your document with your mailing list and print it yourself. You may need to re-size your mail piece to suit your printer setup.

The page set-up requirements are detailed next to each template selection along with suggested stock weights.


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