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Image Generators:

Apart from being a lot of fun to play around with, image generators can be invaluable in adding a bit of colour to your webpages, e-newsletters or blogs, and can provide readers' eyes with relief from what might otherwise become a text-heavy website. They are also an interesting, and customisable, alternative to clip art.

Of course, if you use them, ensure you comply with any copyright considerations.

Infographics Tools

An infographic is a graphical, visual representation of information, data or knowledge. At its most basic level, things like traffic signs - using symbols and stylised graphics - and many maps are considered infographics.

Recently we have seen a real boom in the use of complex, visually stimulating, informative and interesting infographics - particularly in representing statistics and survey findings. Tools that can help you create great infographics for use in your own documents include:

In addition, there are a number of sites which feature graphics templates, applications or information which can be used in your infographics.

Free Stock Photo Websites

Free stock photos are very useful - these websites offer some atypical stock photos to make your creative piece look even better.

Sign Generator

The RedKid Sign Generator provides you with the chance to mock up your own signs, with a choice of many different backgrounds, including street signs, bus marquees and walk of fame stars, as well as whatever text you wish to provide.

Word Cloud Generator

Wordle is a word cloud generator which creates interesting colourful word cloud images by analysing a section of text and picking out the words which appear most often.

It is a great tool to use to brighten up Powerpoint presentations, or to put into newsletters or online publications which are text heavy. Below is an example of a word cloud created when Wordle - accessible through the link above - analysed the first few paragraphs of one of Our Community's grants helpsheets.

Word It Out is another word cloud generator your group can use.

Newspaper Clipping Generator

Your group can create authentic-looking newspaper clippings and stories for use in its publications - like the one below - by using this Newspaper Clipping Generator.

Magazine Cover Generator

Big Huge Labs have developed a Magazine Cover Generator which allows you to create your own mock magazine cover, with customisable content and layout.

Movie Poster Generator

Big Huge Labs have also developed a Movie Poster Generator which allows you to create your own mock movie poster.

Custom Tombstone Maker

To add a bit of black humour, social comment, or just to express the "passing" of something, this Custom Tombstone Maker will help you get your message across.

Photo Effects Generator

Tuxpi's Photo Effects Generator can add some interesting and useful effects to images you might use online. You can turn an image into a postage stamp or a Pop Art masterpiece.