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Marketing Essentials:

1. Marketing and your Community Group

Marketing your community group is vital to ensuring your group is able to not only survive - but thrive.

Marketing is about increasing positive awareness of your group and its good work. It is about communicating with your present support base - donors, members, sponsors, business partners, residents, clients and local decision-makers but also about increasing the number of people who support your group.

In this section we provide you with practical Help Sheets that explain why marketing is important to your group and provide some steps to assist you in establishing a media strategy and taking the first steps to generating more support for your group.

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2. Marketing and the Web

The internet and its associated applications provide all community organisations with a great way to market themselves, their work and their events.

The great thing about the web is that, for the most part, its applications are free and easy to use. Many elements of the web can also market your group all day every day, wherever you might be.

In the Marketing and the Web section, we provide you with practical Help Sheets that explain the aspects of using the web to market your group, as well as providing tips on how you can do so effectively.

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3. Media - Preparing a Winning Presentation

Getting your story told in the media is an important element in increasing the effectiveness of your organisation.

Media coverage helps to spread the message - your message - to a wider audience than you can reach through your own efforts. To be successful you need to create a strong media strategy, develop good relationships with media working in your geographic and interest areas and to have the ability to recognise what is "news".

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4. The Marketing Guru

If you're unconvinced of the need for community groups to engage in marketing - hear this: members of the public are probably unaware of the importance you play in their lives.

A UK study has found that 91% of adults claim they have not benefited from the work of a not-for-profit group (or "charity") in the past year. But when shown a list of services run by such groups, it was discovered that 58% had in fact used one of their services in the previous month alone!

So get marketing!

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