Surviving and Thriving as a Safe Effective Board Member

The essential facts you need to know before, during and after joining a community Board

What should you do when someone asks you to join the Board of a not-for-profit group? And what do you have to be aware of when you do actually say yes. Find out what your legal responsibilities are and what compliance, governance and performance actually means for the not-for-profit Director. This guide takes you through the questions you should ask before you join, your responsibilities while on the Board and the action you should take when you decide it's time to leave the Board. This no-nonsense guide also features the insights and tips of some of Australia's most experienced and knowledgeable community Board members.

What's inside?

  • Before You Take the Plunge
    • Getting back to basics
      • Understanding the legal structure of your community group
      • What is a Board?
      • What does a Board do?
      • What are Directors?
      • What do Directors do?
      • Who are the office bearers?
    • What's in it for me?
      • The good news
      • Bumps along the road
    • Are you Ready?
      • Learning from experiences
      • What should I be looking for?
      • Questions for the Board
      • Questions for Yourself
      • Checklist - Are you prepared?
  • Now You Are a Board Member
    • The Law and You
      • Your duties
      • A Duty to Whom?
      • Forgiveness of Breach
      • Other Relevant Laws
    • Your Financial Obligations
      • The Legal Responsibility of
      • Financial Competence
    • Protecting Yourself
      • Public Liability Insurance
      • Liability Insurance for
      • Directors and Officers
    • It's Not all about the Law
      • Understanding your Role
      • A Question of Ethics
      • A Worm's Eye View
      • At the meeting
      • Checklist: The Ideal Board Member - How do you Measure Up?
  • It's Not Over Yet
    • Tie up the Legal Loose Ends
    • Exiting with Grace
    • Closing Comments
    • Acknowledgements

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