Training Schedule

Our training workshops are designed to give SmartyGrants users a practical, interactive, engaging and affordable understanding of how SmartyGrants works.

The workshops also will help you work your grant making process into the SmartyGrants system. We will show you how SmartyGrants can make your job easier, from creating applications forms through to reporting, and everything in between.

Workshops are held in centrally-located computer training labs in cities across Australia. And, of course, each attendee has access to a computer to practice their SmartyGrants skills during the session.

Note: we do offer several training options, choose the solution which best suits your needs - see training options for more information.


  • SmartyStarter: All you need to know get up and running (9:00am-4:30pm)
  • SmartyPlus: Develop your next-level skills (9:00am-4:30pm)

    SmartyStarter: All you need to know get up and running

    (9:00am -4:30pm)

    Level: Introductory
    Cost: $385 (inc GST)

    New to SmartyGrants? Meet others in the same boat, and get all the skills you need to start your online grantmaking?

    Our introductory workshop will give you a solid grounding in everything SmartyGrants with practical information on how to meet all your administrative needs and make your grantmaking easier. Our aim is to give you all the tools to minimise the administrative burden, to free you up to make a real difference in your communities.

    Key Learnings:

    • What SmartyGrants is and how it is designed to work
    • How to create and test forms
    • Opening a grant round
    • What applications look like from the applicant's and grantmaker's perspective
    • Assessment processes
    • How to manage through the different stages of your process
    • Tasks functions
    • Decision making and allocation of funds
    • Using acquittals/reporting for your applicants work
    • Filtering your applications
    • Running default and snapshot reports

    SmartyPlus: Develop your next-level skills

    (9:00am - 4:30pm)

    Level: Intermediate
    Cost: $385 (inc GST)

    So, you have completed our introductory course or have been using SmartyGrants for a while? Are you ready to take your SmartyGrants skills to the next level?

    Our intermediate-level SmartyPlus class will build on what you know, with workshops that are ideal for administrators and more experienced users. The full-day course will guide you through how to customise, convert, review and report on your current programs.

    You'll also be able to develop what you've learnt from previous programs or grants rounds, and examine what you can do to improve your processes.

    We can help you use the SmartyGrants system to its full capacity, explain all the new tools we're working on and share skills in best practice that have been developed by the Australian Institute of Grants Management (AIGM).

    Key Learnings:

    • Data hygiene - structure and customise Standard Fields, Contact Fields and Choice Lists
    • How to use CLASSIE (Classification of Australian Social Sector Initiatives and Entities) to enable systematic classification
    • Bring the gender agenda into focus for grantees and grantmakers with our built-in Gender Lens
    • How to use Calculated Fields
    • Tips and tricks with standard fields and forms to review applications/project success
    • Better ways to provide feedback to applicants, how to give good news and be constructive
    • Build the reports you need using the Customise Report templates for both Word and Excel outputs including: summaries of grant rounds, assessment reports, produce notification letters, and to analyse your grantgiving over time

    Dates, Times, Bookings:

    Training vouchers may be used for sessions.

    Lunch will be provided (Gluten free, Vegan, Vegetarians, Dairy-free options available, but must be specified on your registration)

      SmartyStarter: All you need to know get up and running
    (9:00am - 4:30pm)
    SmartyPlus: Develop your next-level skills (only for experienced users)
    (9:00am - 4:30pm)
    Our Community House
    522 Victoria St, 
    North Melbourne VIC 3000

    Tuesday 4 June (fully booked)
    Thursday 13 June
    Tuesday 6 August

    Wednesday 7 August
    Friday 25 October
    60 Margaret Street, 
    Sydney NSW 2000

    Tuesday 30 April
    Tuesday 2 July

    Wednesday 3 July
    Wednesday 16 October
    288 Edward Street, 
    Brisbane QLD 4000

    Wednesday 31 July
    Thursday 26 September

    Thursday 1 August
    Wednesday 20 November
    10 Moore Street, 
    Canberra ACT 2601

    Wednesday 14 August

    Thursday 15 August
    80 King William St, 
    Adelaide, SA 5000

    Wednesday 29 May
    Monday 19 August

    Thursday 30 May
    Thursday 14 November
    191 St George's Terrace, 
    Perth WA 6000

    Tuesday 14 May
    Wednesday 17 July

    Thursday 31 October
    Quill Consultancy
    Level 11, 39 Murray Street
    Hobart TAS 7000

    Wednesday 8 May
    Tuesday 17 September

    Thursday 9 May SOLD OUT
    Wednesday 18 September

    Please note: Course details are correct at time of publication; however, dates, times and venues may change. Any changes will be advised via email to registered participants - please ensure you provide a correct email address during registration.

    SmartyGrants reserves the right to cancel a workshop if required. Any registered participants will be notified if a workshop is cancelled and will be offered a refund or transfer.