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Useful free software for your community organisation

Every community group should make the most of the good-quality free and cheap computer software available.

Reducing your IT costs without compromising on quality means you will have more money to spend on other parts of your mission and operations.

Our Community has compiled a list of free or very cheap software that can be used by community groups. We've also listed some sector-specific commercial software packages (these cost money) that your group might be interested in investigating further.

Our Community Matters

General software

Operating systems

Office suites

Desktop publishing

Graphics and photos

A number of image generator applications are featured on this page of the Our Community website.

PDF creators

Document reader and viewer software


Cloud computing

Cloud computing allows you to store and access data and programs over the Internet instead of on your hard drive. All the following are good options for the secure online sharing and storage of files, data and programs: The Funding Centre

Social media management tools

Free web browsers

Website production

Antivirus and asscociated software

Computer cleaners

Computer cleaners aim to keep your machine humming along by getting rid of unwanted or unnecessary files. Two top-notch free computer cleaners are:

File recovery

Even with the best back-up procedures and systems in place, anyone can mistakenly delete an important file. If you do, you will need to use a file recovery program to rescue it. Try this free one.

FTP (file transfer) packages

Programs that put your HTML pages on the web:



Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, usually on the Internet.

Fundraising software

Most commercial software packages aimed at fundraisers are specialist database packages focused on donor relations management. They tend to be powerful, expensive ($500-$20,000), complex, and American or British. And many of the things they do can be achieved with free or cheaper software - though this will probably involve more work, more difficulty, and more time.

Available software includes:

Fundraising databases include:

Note - some of these, while themselves free, are in fact modules that work with commercial databases such as MS Access and Filemaker.

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