NFP Finance Week

18-22 September 2017

Not-for-Profit Finance Week is a celebration of ideas, knowledge and financial capacity-building for the $100 billion Australian not-for-profit sector.   

The aim of this annual event, held 18-22 September 2017, is to increase the profile of the not-for-profit sector, bolster the financial capacity and sustainability of the sector, and provide support for the staff, board members and treasurers carrying out the important task of overseeing the finances.

The week is an initiative of Our Community and the Commonwealth Bank Not-for-Profit Sector Banking.

Finance Week, this year, centre's around:

  • Financial literacy events - including free financial webinars and presentations
  • NFP Treasurers' Awards - highlighting and recognising all not-for-profit treasurers


In previous years, Not-for-Profit Finance Week has seen the release of numerous valuable resources, some of which can be found below.


Not-for-Profit Finance Week is an initiative of Commonwealth Bank and Our Community.

NFP Finance Week