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About Us:

Our Community is Australia's Centre for Excellence for the nation's 600,000 not-for-profits and schools, providing advice, tools, resources and training.

A multi-award-winning social enterprise, Our Community's offerings include:

  • Our Community: Our Australia's most useful website for not-for-profit organisations, (where not-for-profits go for help) - accelerating the impact of Australia's 600,000 charities, community groups and schools.
  • Institute of Community Directors Australia: Providing knowledge, connections and credentials for members of Australian not-for-profit boards, committees, trusts and councils, and the staff who support them, including the landmark qualification, the Diploma of Business (Governance).
  • Funding Centre: Australia's best grants and fundraising hub, including a fully searchable and customisable grants database listing more than 2500 live grants, plus fundraising help sheets, news and tools.
  • Australia's leading giving hub, providing commission-free online donations for not-for-profits, and philanthropy education for businesses, families and individuals - helping people give more, give smarter, give better, GiveNow!
  • Australian Institute for Corporate Responsibility: Information and tools to help create stronger, more authentic linkages between businesses and their communities.
  • Australian Institute of Grants Management: Best practice education, support, training and grantmaking services for grantmakers, including Australia's most-used online grants management solution, SmartyGrants.
  • The Innovation Lab: Our centre for research and development - the engine room for hot-housing new technology and game-changing ideas to fuel the Our Community group of enterprises and drive social change.

Our Manifesto describes who we are and how we work. Download it here.


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Our Community Pty Ltd   ABN 24 094 608 705
National Headquarters: 51 Stanley St, West Melbourne Victoria 3003 Australia
(PO Box 354 North Melbourne 3051 Victoria)
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