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Media Release


November 2008

Australians are being urged to think of some of the simple ways they can help their local community as Australian Giving Week kicks off around the country.

Australian Giving Week - which is being held from December 1-7- is designed to catalyse people to take action and make a difference to the community in the lead-up to Christmas and beyond.

Activities organised as part of Australian Giving Week, which is an initiative of community support organisation Our Community, include:

All of the Giving Week resources and ideas are collected at www.givingweek.com.au. The website includes sections for individuals, businesses, MPs, local councils and the media.

Our Community CEO Dr Rhonda Galbally AO said that while there was a lot of attention at the moment on the global financial crisis, people should not lose sight of what they still had, and what they could contribute.

"There are so many ways you can give to the community. Donations are really great, but if you're feeling the pinch financially, you can still be generous in other ways," she said.

"The Giving Week website provides a huge number of ideas of ways you can give. There are tips on where to buy Christmas trees and gifts that will benefit a community organisation, volunteering ideas, examples of ways you can engage better with your neighbours and the wider community, and much more.

"Community groups need support all year round but Giving Week is a great time for everyone to get started."

Media Information:

More information about Australian Giving Week can be downloaded via the Media section at www.givingweek.com.au. Media are also invited to download and reprint (with attribution) the lists of '50 Ways for Individuals/Businesses to Give to the Community this Christmas' - available on that website as well.

For other information and comments about Australian Giving Week please contact (03) 9320 6800 or email to service@ourcommunity.com.au

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