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Media Release

Getting the good word on great gifts

October 27, 2010

Good gift giving has never been easier in Australia, with the release of the 2010 Good Gifts Guide, just in time for Christmas.

The Good Gifts Guide, released during GiveNow Week 2010 (November 29 - December 5), includes dozens of great gift ideas that will deliver a warm inner glow to the giver, the recipient, and the community.

While other Christmas gift listings focus on one location, theme or charity, this one has it all:

The Good Gifts Guide is available for free download from the GiveNow Week website, which also contains tips on donating blood, becoming an organ donor, volunteering your time, and buying Christmas trees and puddings from a community group. The site also contains loads of sage advice on how to become a smarter giver.

GiveNow Week is an initiative of the Our Community Foundation, which runs the commission-free online donations service, GiveNow.com.au. Both initiatives are supported by Westpac.

GiveNow.com.au director Hannah Schwartz said there were more than 600,000 community groups across Australia, and each one could use more support. "GiveNow Week provides a great opportunity to highlight these great causes," she said. "Buy a gift from a community group, or just drop in and see what they do and how you can help."

More Information: www.givenow.com.au

Comment: Phone (03) 9320 6800 or email to donations@givenow.com.au.

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