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Media Release

Changes to the Funding Centre - information for EasyGrants and Raising Funds subscribers

March 13, 2013

In mid-March we are making a big change to the way we deliver grants and fundraising information to not-for-profit organisations.

What's changing?

What do I need to do now?

Nothing. Not a thing.

All not-for-profits who are already Raising Funds and EasyGrants subscribers will automatically become Funding Centre Single User subscribers. There is no additional cost - your current subscription remains valid up until your ordinary renewal date.

Your subscription entitles you to the Funding Centre Scoop newsletter ("the new EasyGrants") and grant alerts, as well as access to all areas of the new Funding Centre website.

You'll receive your first Funding Centre Scoop in the week commencing March 17. We'll also send you some instructions about how to log in to the site and change your profile so you can get customised newsletters and alerts.

Why the change?

When we launched EasyGrants 17 years ago, the world was a very different place. EasyGrants was the only service in existence in Australia that provided a consolidated view of the grants landscape at a price not-for-profit organisations could afford. Few people had an email address, let alone demands for interactive web-based services.

Our grants data has always been (and remains) best-in-show. Throughout all these years we've invested heavily in the staff costs required to ensure the database is kept up to date. EasyGrants remains the best source of information on grants in Australia, and is still the most affordable.

But we realised that we needed to do some work to keep up (and get ahead) on the technical front - thus we've invested heavily to provide better search and monitoring tools for grantseekers, and options for more users.

We also realised (happily) that our key messages about sustainable fundraising (thinking beyond just grants) had really sunk in - almost all of our EasyGrants subscribers were also receiving our Raising Funds newsletter. At the same time, we were aware that people were demanding fewer and better-targeted communications; they didn't want to hear about grants they couldn't apply for and they wanted to cut down on the total number of emails they received.

Thus the new Funding Centre Scoop was born. The Funding Centre Scoop will contain both a comprehensive and customised listing of grants, and a summary of all the fundraising news and tools every not-for-profit fundraising volunteer or professional needs to be on top of.

We are also acutely aware of the need to simplify the way we deliver information on our websites to make it easier to digest and skim. Like you, we're finding ourselves with less and less time available to read - we need devices to help ease our way through the mounds of information. As a result, we've changed our help sheets, providing more graphics, more headings, and more practical tools.

How can I find out more?

All will be revealed in the week commencing March 17 - you're probably best to wait and see it for yourself.

But if you have any pressing queries or concerns in the meantime, you can email us at service@ourcommunity.com.au.

Information about the new subscription options is available at www.fundingcentre.com.au/subscribe

We look forward to working with you as we push ahead in our quest to get more money for not-for-profit groups.

Denis Moriarty
Group Managing Director, Our Community

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