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Ninety women from across Australia have been awarded a scholarship to study for the Diploma of Business (Governance) as part of Women's Leadership Institute of Australia and Our Community's Institute of Community Directors Australia.

Women's Leadership Institute of Australia Founding Chair Carol Schwartz said she was overwhelmed by the response. "Our original commitment was to fund 20 scholarships, but once the applications started to come in, we realised the passion and interest of women in making a difference through good governance was bigger than we had anticipated.

"The calibre of applications was outstanding so we felt compelled to increase our contribution towards this program. The scholarship recipients represent every facet of the community sector and we feel privileged to assist them in their leadership journey."

The support of the Institute allowed each scholarship winner to access a $1000 discount on the full cost of the diploma, which is Australia's only currently approved diploma-level governance qualification specializing in not-for-profit governance. The diploma is delivered by Our Community's Institute of Community Directors Australia in alliance with Federation Training.

Our Community's Group Managing Director, Denis Moriarty, said more than 500 people will have undertaken the Diploma since its launch in 2014 and its alumni was an impressive mix of leaders and emerging leaders from across the not-for-profit sector.

"We have always been strong advocates for the advancement of women and it seemed a natural step to partner with the Women's Leadership Institute of Australia to enable more women to access this life-changing training," he said.

"We look forward to watching this new wave of female leaders emerge and flourish."

A full list of Women's Governance Scholarship winners is below.

In early December Our Community will announce a new round of scholarships targeting the sports and recreation sector. Details will be issued through Our Community's website and newsletter and partner organisations. To sign up for updates go to

Scholarship Winners:

Sue Averay
Laura Barker
Nicole Batten
Simone Bellears
Candice Boggs
Emma Buitendag
Lauren Bradley
Marion Briers
Caddie Brain
Belinda Brennan
Kellie Brown
Justine Clarke
Ada Conroy
Jessamine Crawford
Kellie Crossley
Aleesha Davis
Tess Dellagiacoma
Therese Donnelly
Emmily Caspi
Jocelyn Edge
Kate Eggar
Beth Ellerman
Donna Fahie
Shannon Field
Amanda Fielding
Michelle Fisher
Kristy Frahm
Wendy Frost
Renay Gamble
Jennifer Gaskill
Melissa George
Andrea Goddard
Lucy Griffiths
Louise Hansen
Melissa Hayes
Sabrina Hutchinson
Revati Ilanko
Jenni James
Robyn Johns
Sarah Klahn-Jolley
Kirsty Kormos
Tamara Kotowicz
Taryn Lane
Michelle Latailakepa
Samantha Lee
Rachel Lennon
Kayleen Lenzo
Ailsa Lively
Ruby Luder
Kali Madden
Krystel Malcolm
Claire McLaren
Carol MacArthur
Cara MacDougall
Mechelle Macdonald
Jeannette Martin
Bronwyn Markey
Diana Mastrantuono
Sarah Membrey
Jennifer Meredith-Brown
Allysha-Jane Merrett
Amanda McKinnon
Sue Miles
Lynne Miles
Ingrid Miller
Jayne Miller
Sandra Mitchell
Terrisa Murray
Catherine Neale
Kylie Neary
Alana Newbold
Karen Orts Ronlund
Joanne Polkinghorne
Jacqueline Powell
Amanda Ray
Raquel Ricafort-Bleza
Maria Scarlett
Tammy-Rae Schaper
Fiona Sear
Elaine Sheeley
Lisa Stafford
Helen Sheppard
Nicola Steele
Ali Street
Joanne Tan
Caddy Taylor
Olivia Vollbrecht
Natalie Walker
Marli White
Sarah Yeates
Emma Young

More Information/Comment:

Denis Moriarty
Group Managing Director, Our Community
0417 184 744