Crown land in New South Wales

OI7.4 Managing Showgrounds and Racecourses

Wednesday 3 November - 12:00pm-2:00pm

Showgrounds and Racecourses are high value assets with multiple uses and complex management. This online interactive workshop has been created especially for those managing showgrounds and racecourses, and addresses some of the current challenges and opportunities being faced by CLMs on these sites. Join us as we consider ideas and different management approaches and solutions with other CLMs managing in NSW. The workshop covers: - Managing high value assets with multiple uses - Establishing comparable market rates and monitoring costs - Increasing value for communities - Engaging with diverse user groups - Encouraging younger volunteers to become involved - Transitioning to multi-use facilities - Diversifying revenue streams, cross subsidising assets and unlocking funds to upgrade facilities Please note: Interactive Workshops are limited to 15 registrations / attendees