Crown land in New South Wales

3.3. Roles and responsibilities and 4.3. Reporting requirements (2 hr)

Friday 16 October - 1:00pm-3:00pm

Join us for this 2-hour session which combines 3. Roles and responsibilities of non-council CLMs with 4. Reporting requirements. We will explore the roles and responsibilities of non-Council Crown Land Managers, covering the important fiduciary duties. We will be taking a dive into the Crown Lands Act, Regulations, Codes, Conflicts of Interests, as well as learning quick and easy ways to find all the policies, rules and regulations that you need. This part of the webinar is a great refresher for the more experienced and a useful induction for new CLMs, and we will answer many of your questions and show you some great tools and resources. As a CLM, a further responsibility is to submit an Annual report each year. In the reporting requirements part of this double webinar, we'll step through the various requirements that make sure you meet compliance expectations and you keep up to date with what you need to submit. The webinar is designed to be straightforward and easy to follow, and will have you ticking all the boxes in no time!