Crown land in New South Wales

12.5 Health & Safety - managing risks on a Crown reserve

Monday 21 March - 2:30pm-3:00pm

This existing workshop has been rescheduled and CLMs are invited to collect all stamps to complete the ?CLM Tour 2022? and receive a Certificate of Completion after attending 10 sessions. Join us to watch this recording from 2020-21 to help Crown Reserve Managers think systematically about possible risks, problems or disasters before they happen, and set up procedures that avoid, minimise, or cope with impacts. Join us in this webinar planning for the obvious (and not so obvious) risks on our Crown reserves. Health and safety of Crown land managers (CLMs), and the people who use Crown reserves is a key priority for the NSW government. We want everyone who manages and uses our Crown reserves to stay safe. CLMs are expected to exercise care and due diligence, taking all reasonable and practical steps to prevent injury or illness to themselves and others. This can be achieved pro-actively by identifying and managing risks on the Crown reserve.