Crown land in New South Wales

OI1.3 Practical tips for funding - improving the quality of your application

Thursday 9 September - 3:00pm-5:00pm

CLMs need their funding to come from as many sources as possible to ensure you can survive if any of the funding streams run dry. In this practical session you?ll be assisted to build a funding plan for your reserve, using the Seven Pillars of Funding (grants; donations; crowdfunding; friends-of schemes; events; earned income; community-business partnerships) to create a plan for a sustainable future. In the second half of the workshop participants will be assisted to write parts of a funding submission, focusing on planning, identifying the problem, issue or challenge and outlining the solution, responding to the priorities of the funder, including your diverse communities, as well as picking up tips for using data and evidence, budgeting and gaining community support. This online interactive workshop builds on the knowledge gained from the 'Create Your Funding Framework? webinar. Please note: Interactive Workshops are limited to 15 registrations / attendees