Crown land in New South Wales

OI6.2 Managing Nature Reserves - fulfilling your natural, cultural and financial responsibilities

Wednesday 20 October - 10:00am-12:00pm

This online interactive workshop has been created especially for CLMs managing nature reserves, significant vegetation and bushland type reserves, and addresses some of the current challenges and opportunities being faced by CLMs on these reserves. Join other CLMs working with nature reserves in NSW to gain a greater understanding of the options for managing these reserves whilst delivering value to the environment and the community. The workshop covers: - Environmental law and the responsibilities of CLMs - Respecting culturally significant Aboriginal sites on the reserve - Diversification of native flora and protection of native fauna - Biosecurity issues for nature reserves - Pest and weed management, including the regulation, use and management of pesticides - Bushfire management - Maintaining tracks, trails and other infrastructure - Managing the financial health of reserves without impacting on the natural environment Please note: Interactive Workshops are limited to 15 registrations / attendees