Crown land in New South Wales

7.5 Strategies for resolving conflict and 5.4 Better meetings and decision making for CLMs (2hr)

Thursday 18 March - 10:00am-12:00pm

Join us for this 2-hour session which combines 5. Better meetings and decision making for CLMs with 7. Strategies for resolving conflict Great decisions are made in well-run meetings. Meetings provide the space for CLM leaders to come together and steer the ship in the right direction. What improvements could be made to your meetings? Do they go too long? Or do you never get to the decision stage?! This part of the double webinar is designed to increase understanding of meeting roles and responsibilities, dispute resolution, meeting processes such as standing orders and decision-making, and the best ways of using the Agenda, Minutes and the Decision register. We would love for everyone to always agree on the way forward, but the unfortunate truth is that sometimes there will be conflict! Is this always such a bad thing? What can we do to help resolve conflict? And how can we make sure we're doing this respectfully and effectively? The Strategies for resolving conflict webinar is designed to help Crown Land managers identify conflicts and reach a respectful resolution, using previous Crown Lands examples and case studies.