The Our Community Foundation

Our Community is a privately held enterprise that provides a number of business and community services, some of them free, some of them paid, many of them discounted for community organisations.

Some of the profits from the operation of the Our Community enterprise have been used to establish a Foundation (the Our Community Foundation), a principle activity of which is the operation of the website - a commission-free online donations service which is working to democratise giving in Australia - ensuring that even the tiniest community groups have the same access to safe, secure online donations technology as the largest groups. It is our belief that these small, often highly localised community groups are every bit as important to community life as the larger ones, and that they should be supported by their communities.

We also believe that donations made in good faith to community organisations should not be subjected to hefty administrative fees.

Through the support of the Our Community Foundation, we are able to offer the online donations service free to any community group in Australia, regardless of size or purpose or tax status.

The service is non-exclusive, non-binding and fee-free (only credit card fees are deducted from donations). This allows any community group with a bank account and the will to raise funds to take advantage of this important and rapidly growing mode of fundraising.

For more information on the Our Community Foundation, please contact Denis Moriarty at or telephone (03) 9320 6800.

More information about the genesis and work practices of Our Community is available here.