Preferred Supplier

Our Community Preferred Suppliers

Preferred Suppliers to Australian Not-for-profit Organisations

Preferred Suppliers:

Being an Our Community Preferred Supplier

Organisations, products and services selected as Our Community Preferred Suppliers have undertaken to adhere to the criteria laid out below.

  1. Understand the not-for-profit sector:
    They are not interested in just rebranding business products for the not-for-profit market. They ask what's needed, then they act. They recognise that while they have a lot to offer the not-for-profit sector, they have a lot to learn from it as well.
  2. Are clear about the benefits:
    They share Our Community's commitment to structural reforms that provide benefits to both the not-for-profit sector and the business.
  3. Are realists with a vision:
    They have their eye on the prize. They accept increments but strive for revolution.
  4. Are on a journey:
    True reformers have a vision, but they're not stuck on the one track. Nor do they believe that reform is ever really finished. They're prepared to review and change direction when required. And to keep going.
  5. Are authentic:
    They don't engage in empty marketing (at least when it comes to their not-for-profit offer). They share Our Community's belief that only true commitment and authentic and long-lasting reform will win over customers. They admit when they're wrong, and work to do better next time.
  6. Serve both the big and the small:
    They want their products and services to be available to all parts of the 600,000-strong not-for-profit sector market, not just the high-end profitable or high-profile prominent parts.
  7. Are innovative:
    Innovation is about seeing things differently, and embracing and accelerating change. Preferred suppliers have a genuine belief that things can and should be different (and better).
  8. Have executive buy-in:
    Change cannot be achieved without support from the people who make the decisions and hold the purse strings.
  9. Stick to their knitting:
    They are very good at what they do, and strive to be the best in their area of expertise.
  10. Are committed to gender equality:
    The community sector is one of the few sectors where women predominate. To be endorsed as an Our Community Preferred Supplier, businesses must have solid representation of women on their boards and in senior management.
  11. Are environmentally and socially progressive:
    The environment and our social fabric are under threat and we all need to be progressive in our operations, purchasing, investing and employment practices.

We understand that a reform program takes time. We recognise that commitment and aspiration are almost as good as absolute achievement of such goals.

Some Our Community Preferred Suppliers will commit funds to Our Community to fund operational and business development, and/or educational or improvement tools/resources for the not-for-profit sector. These funds are not a prerequisite for Preferred Supplier status.